Route for truck

Routing plan optimized for truck

The Routing API will show you how to get where you’re going. With the Routing API, you can:

  • Provide precise instructions to a destination using routing plans for various types of trucks

  • To request directions, call four values: a start point, destination, and car type, and waypoint (optional).

See the API Key Issuance page for information on using keys.

Routing API for Truck


​Example API Call:,126.89654749206602&destination=37.51702306480502,127.0416190159097&angle=-1&rpoption=1&unixtime=1604626833&gmtoffset=32400&cartype=1

Query Parameters

Display of Directions Results

After you receive the requested results, you must decode the result into a geometry code. Call the Fatos.polyLine() function as the decoded result and display the result on the map.

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